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7 Cheap Vacation Tips to Bali Indonesia

Vacation to Bali – Bali paradise in Indonesia famous to all corners of the country. talk about Bali is endless. The beauty of Bali is incredible capable of hypnotizing anyone who visits this island god.

Behind its beauty, holiday in Bali is always synonymous with the cost is not cheap. Starting from the cost of lodging, living expenses to transportation is not small. This is what makes some people think twice for a vacation to the island of Bali.

The above is true, but this does not mean close your chances for a vacation to Bali with cheap budget. It still can you make it, vacation to Bali for one week with budget below 3 million rupiah.

The description of a vacation to Bali will cost big if you practice the following tips.

  1. Check Ticket Promo Travel : You do not have to buy a plane ticket well in advance. Why? Because the important thing is not the problem of booking tickets far in advance. The problem is you must be diligent to hunt for a promo trip to Bali. One thing you should pay attention to is to find plane tickets when weekdays do not look for flight tickets at the weekend. You may be able to get a much cheaper airfare.
  2. Hotel Reservation or Budget Accommodation : No need for luxury lodging with private pool or with other luxurious facilities. Adjust your minimum budget, simple hotel reservation. Most importantly you can rest safely and comfortably. Because you only need a place to spend the night, right? the rest of you will use your time to have fun outside.
  3. Food Need Not Fancy, the Most Important It’s No less Champion :  There are many cheap foods available in Bali. You do not have to spend a big pocket to eat in luxury places. Precisely with you asking the people around where the food is cheap, this will add to your experience and insight. You can still taste the mixed rice, chicken betutu and other typical Balinese food at a cheap price.
  4. Can Still Hangout with Budget Pickup : If you are the type of person who has a hobby of ‘hanging out’, you can still hang out at the cafe. Cafe Potato Head classmates are still still you can sambangi, but with a note just any drink or anything the cheapest. That way you can still nongrong beautiful at the famous cafe without having to spend a lot of money. With this kind of photo collection on your Instagram will still grow.
  5. Look for Free Places : All the beaches in Bali are not paid or free. So you can enjoy the beautiful beaches in Bali without having to spend a lot of money. Even you can still nongrong in place as cool as Rimba and Ayana. Do not have to order food there, you can if only just photographs in this place.
  6. Use Cheap Transportation : You can find a really cheap motorbike rental. In Bali a lot of cheap motorbike rental if you are good at finding it. You can ask to the local people, where the motorcycle rental. Grateful if you get acquaintances who are willing to take you around the island of Bali. But you still do not forget to give treat your new friend that yes.
  7. Allow Your Budget to Buy Souvenir : If you still have money left, you can buy gifts for your family or friends. No need for an expensive souvenir, which is important memorable. You can buy accessories that are sold cheap in Bali. Cheap but not cheap, you can adjust with the rest of the money you have.

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Well, whoever said vacation to the island of Bali must spend a lot of money. With the tips above you can vacation without dizzy thinking about the huge cost. Interested to try it? You can try the above tips with your friends. When else can a vacation to Bali cheap.


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