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Tips for Souvenir Shopping in Bali

While on vacation in Bali would not be complete if not shopping. One market that will satisfy your shopping desire is Sukawati Art Market. A variety of Balinese goods and souvenirs are sold at Sukawati Market.

These items such as, beach clothes, T-shirts, daster, batik shirt. In addition to clothing there are also some artwork such as sculptures, various accessories, sandals, key chains, paintings, and much more.

Shopping at Sukawati Art Market

The market that many hunted by the domestic or foreign tourists is located in the Village Sukawati, Gianyar regency. If from the center of Denpasar is about 25 km and takes approximately 45 minutes trip.

The never-empty market of visitors consists of different places, namely Sukawati Market one, two, and three. The three places are not far apart.

When you shop at any place, of course you want to get good stuff but with a friendly price in your pocket. Similarly, while in Sukawati Market, you can also shop sparingly and get the goods you want. Here are tips that you can try to save money when in Sukawati Market:

  1. Shop in the opening hours of the open market. Sukawati market is starting to operate from 6 am to 6 pm. In order for you to get a discount you need to shop at 6 am to 10 am. The traders there believe that the first customers who come to buy their trade is a ruler who will be able to make their merchandise crowded by other customers. So when opening hours like that you can get a discount as the first customer.
  2. Survey price. If you want a cheap price, then take time to get around from store to store. That way you can compare prices from other merchants. However, make sure you keep careful when trying to ask questions. Do not touch the local wisdom of Balinese people.
  3. Be friendly to the sellers. Building a close relationship with being friendly to salespeople can also help you get a discount. So that the atmosphere can feel closer and familiar. You can use the usual greetings or calls that Balinese use, such as calling “bli” for men and “mbok” for women. With such a trader will feel there is a pleasant relationship and they will be happy to provide local prices to you.
  4. Shop in bulk or wholesale. Shopping in the form of a unit sometimes will be difficult to get a cheap price. One way you can do is to buy a certain amount of goods, such as three-piece shopping so you can get a cheaper price.
  5. You must be good at bidding. The main key for you to shop for a bargain price is to bid. As a buyer you have to dare to bid on the items you want to buy. Make sure do not hesitate in this bargain. Be firm and do not rush to approve the offer given by the buyer.

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Here are some tips that you can try when you are in Sukawati Market. You can also do some of the following tips to other Bali-based markets. Make sure you have a nice time by getting the goods you want at a price that fits in your pocket.

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Tips for souvenir shopping in Bali
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