Tips on choosing lodging in bali
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Tips on Choosing Lodging in Bali

Tips on choosing lodging in bali – Being born in Bali made my friends living in other areas thought I was the right person to ask about where to stay. Here are tips on choosing lodging in Bali which I think should be noted :

Tips on Choosing Lodging in Bali

  • Tips on Choosing the First Lodging in Bali Is a Note on the Main Activity Area in the Destination Area

Choose a place to stay in your place a lot of activity, for example when on vacation to Bali will be a lot of walks in Kuta Beach, eating at Hard Rock Cafe, Roadside Culinary Tour and shopping at Pasar Desa Adat then stay at hotels along Kuta Beach will it is right for you, otherwise if you want to enjoy the night life but with a cheap budget then stay in the Legian area would be more appropriate. If you come for business and most of the relations you need to meet in Denpasar area but also do not want too far from tourist place then you can choose Teuku Umar or Bypass Sanur area, whichever is closer. If you travel around Bali with the same portion you’ll want to choose a hotel in the area bypass or sunset road for easy going everywhere.

  • Tips for Choosing Lodging in Bali The Second Is Watching People With You

With Family – If you are on holiday with children and have an extra budget, better choose a hotel with facilities for children or at least have a swimming pool. Each region has different standards for starred hotels, if you are in Bali then the average 3 star hotel already has a swimming pool and facilities are pretty good. 4 Star Hotel and 5 Star already have special play area for children. If you have a limited budget and visit the beach area try to stay in a place close to the beach so you can enjoy walking with your children to the beach (usually the price of budget hotels near the beach more expensive but if you do not bring your own transportation you can save on transportation and more practical). If you are staying with your elderly parents, pay attention to whether your hotel has an elevator, whether the entrance to the hotel and the room has a staircase.

Honeymoon – Honeymoon is a special time, when the budget is excessive then you can choose Villa with private pool to be more able to enjoy your intimate time. If you like the cool area I usually suggest the area of Ubud or Bedugul more distant, but if you like beaches and crowds then the area of Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur can be an option. Or Jimbaran and Nusadua area for the beauty of the Beach and the tranquility of its environment.

With Friends – With a limited budget you can find a hotel that has a family room or bunk hotel, you can have an exciting night roommate with your friends. If you are willing to pay more, please try to stay in a private villa with 2-6 bedroom, you can have an exciting private party!

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  • Tips on Choosing Lodging in Bali the Third is Food

If you choose a place to stay the following breakfast and you are very concerned about the halalness of your food, you can ask whether the restaurant in the hotel has a halal certificate or do not have Pork menu in all their menu. There are several hotels that have a halal cooking place and that are not separate as well. When in doubt it is better to book a hotel without breakfast.

  • Tips on Choosing Lodging in the Fourth Bali is Transportation

If you stay in a small alleyway or a stuck area, renting a motorcycle can be an option, if you want to be more free to go anywhere and stop everywhere. Or if you want to try a new experience, there is no harm in trying public transportation

  • Tips on Choosing Lodging in the Fifth Bali is How to Choose and Buy Where?

So many Hotels are available in Bali right now, after you have determined the above things, do not forget to compare pictures, facilities and see the relevant hotel reviews on Tripadvisor. Currently many online travel sites that you can compare, do not forget also to compare with the hotel website or with the price on your Travel Agent Subscription for the best price.

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  • Enjoy your holiday

Whatever your hotel, or if you have arrived and feel uncomfortable with the hotel, rather than complaining on its own, it’s good to have a meeting with the hotel manager to deliver your complaints directly, in case they can help you. When there’s nothing you can do, try to enjoy your vacation without remembering small issues, because the key to happiness on vacation is within yourself.

That is tips on choosing lodging in bali, visit the Bayu Bali Tours website for the latest information bali tour service, affordable bali tour packages and other information. Interested in a tour in Bali? contact us immediately.

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Tips on Choosing Lodging in Bali
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