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Vacation Tips Alone in Bali

Vacation Tips Alone in Bali – Bali is interesting to be a tourist destination. But usually, to travel there with friends or family is much more exciting than alone. There are some things you need to consider when going to adventure alone on the Island of the Gods of Bali.

Vacation Tips Alone in Bali

  1. If you do not really like to be alone, choose a place to stay that is close from the crowd. Access to bars, pubs, restaurants, beaches, to shopping centers will be easy to reach. In addition, transport to take to certain places is also relatively easy. You will be more free to enjoy the time without feeling lonely and difficulty. But if you are the type of seeker of serenity, better navigate the options at the inn away from everywhere. Can choose a hotel or resort located deep within the forest, or close to the mountains. There you can enjoy the solitude and escape from the tired and fuss of the city in total.
  2. Bring spare money for unforeseen needs. Although this should be done every trip, but in Bali will be a lot of unplanned affairs that require you to get out of money. Many new destinations that you suddenly want to visit. Many new stores or eating places that make you hungry eyes. Be prepare! For many leisure places that provide a standard tourist price even for local travelers.
  3. If fluent in English, bargain the price of the goods you want in traditional markets using English. This needs to be done because many sellers are more cheap to foreign tourists than domestic visitors.
  4. Learn the area where you will stay. So once you arrive, you already know where to go and what to ride. The effectiveness of time is needed if you want to spend a vacation alone but with multiple goals at once.
  5. It would be better if can bring the vehicle. So when the time comes, you can directly rent a motorcycle or car to get here and there. Indeed using online vehicle applications is helpful. But the fall is far more expensive than rendering one transport for a full day or more.
  6. Seekers of tranquility will prefer to walk to destinations that promote the beauty of nature, the variety of culture, and away from the frenetic. Go to the original villages around Ubud, Bedugul, or Tabanan. There you can venture while meeting with the locals and talking about whatever you want. More rich in meaning and not just having fun.
  7. Prepare mentally! If you really want to be alone, then do not be sad when you see many couples make love spread across the island. Bali is full of romance. So as much as possible, try not to get carried away feeling and atmosphere. If you already hit the baper, then the essence of me time will be messy. Trust me!

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Better keep busy with the things you like and hard to do when you’re stuck in a routine. For example try bungee jumping, exercise paragliding at Uluwatu, shopping until satisfied, and so forth. That way, the desire for romance was muffled by itself.

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Vacation Tips Alone in Bali
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