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Trunyan Village Tour

Trunyan is another ancient village inhabited by people who call themselves the “Bali Aga” or old Bali who live in ways that are vastly different from other Balinese. The Bali Aga’s temple in this village is named Puser Jagat, meaning Navel of the Universe. Its architecture is highly unusual, and stands in the protective shade of a massive banyan tree. Crossing the Lake Batur about 35 minute from Kedisan harbour by outrigger boat to primitive Trunyan Village as an Isolated Village located between the lake bank. Trunyan Villager have different culture, that corpse lied down on the grave yard without smelling.

Bali Orchid Spa

The confort of a Balinese style spa room combines with an exotic tropical garden and the relaxing effect of waterfall in each room. The Balinese believe that the body, mind and spirit work in harmony. The health and well being of all make the whole happy.Massage releases tension, frees the muscle tissues of toxins and improves the bodys circulation of blood and healing power.

Galuh Bali Spa

Galuh Bali with the 20 beds, meditation room, swimming pool, body steam jacuzzi, locker room, and nice garden to make refresh your mind. With a professional and experience therapists in your treatment will give you and excellent therapy care for refresh your mind and body.

Baliwis Spa

SPA PACKAGES: SPA RITUAL (US$ 44 / 1.5 hours) welcome drink – Balinese massage – refresher facial – baliwis spa gift. SPA TRANQUILITY (US$ 54 / 2 hours) welcome drink – Balinese massage – Javanese lulur – aroma flower bath – baliwis spa gift. SPA HERBAL (US$ 68 / 2.5 hours) welcome drink – stone massage – herbal body scrub – herbal bath – refresher facial – baliwis spa gift.