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Bali Tour Packages Complete With Affordable Price 2018

Bali Tour Packages

Bali Tour Packages – Bali is Indonesia’s most famous tourism prima donna worldwide. Besides famous for its natural beauty, especially the beach, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and culture. For those of you who want to tour to the city of Bali, the following package price list complete with a very […]

Hari Raya Nyepi ( Silence day )

Silence day

Silence day – Bali has rich in culture and traditions , Ones of that is “Hari Raya Nyepi” or “Day of Silence” in Bali that is commemorated every Isaawarsa (Saka new year) according to the Balinese calendar (in 2012, it fell on March 23rd). It is a Hindu celebration mainly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. It […]

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